With the advent of new upcoming development for my favorite game of all time, Earthdawn, in deciding to renew my web site, I dug out several of the older things used in the games I've played in and/or run in the past, to be included here for your amusement and, perhaps, even your use.  This page is for containing, hopefully more than one, spells for the Elementalist Discipline.  Enjoy...

Earth Poultice
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/12 Range: Throw (up to 30yds), or Touch
Duration: 1 round Effect: see text Casting Difficulty: see text
Description: This powerful spell is uncommon but very useful.  Earth Poultice makes it possible for the Elementalist to grab and/or make a small mud "patch" that is imbued with some of the Elementalist's life energy -read 3 Strain when applied- which can be applied, whether by touch or by throwing, to the wound of a friend or innocent creature, granting a free Recovery Roll based on the caster's Recovery Dice; note, the normal rules about healing Damage before Wounds must be observed, per normal.  Each subsequent use of the spell in a single day compounds 3 additional Strain (ie- on a second casting, the Elementalist takes 6 points of Strain, for the third, 9 points, etc.) for the Elementalist.

      If the Spellcasting and/or To-Hit Tests are successful, with a Good or better result, the Elementalist rolls their own Recovery Dice to determine healing; on an Excellent result their dice are rolled, but any Strain is reduced by 3.  Finally, on an Extraordinary success, the Recovery Dice are rolled as normal, and the Elementalist takes no Strain at all, no matter how high it has become.  Targets may choose to voluntarily lower their Spell Defense for the round in order to receive the aid of their friend, though only if they are aware the Poultice is incoming.  The roll of the magician to succeed must also overcome Physical Defense + Armor in order to hit any concealed location; armor may be voluntarily removed from a location, and Physical Defense voluntarily lowered; again, this is only true if the intended target is aware of the intended application of the Poultice.

      This spell may be cast once per wound per person per day.  If one person accrues three wounds (not necessarily Wounds, but any damage) in a single combat, the Elementalist may treat each damaged body location separately, but only one time before the sun comes up the next morning.  After the sun comes up the following morning, and the "patch" has lost its magic on treating the damage, the Elementalist may apply a new patch, under the afore-mentioned rules.
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