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      This site is for role-playing in the Olde World of the Empire in Black Industries' Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play setting, the 2nd Edition game as written by Green Ronin and published by Black Industries.  I have, personally, loved the fantasy genre for longer than I can remember, though my personal interest was not piqued until the advent of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies.  Though I'm not a huge fan of the historically bleak world portrayed in the Warhammer Fantasy RPG, I still believe it, and the system representing it, are the closest in portraying the Lord of the Rings appropriately.  My own world tends to be far less bleak, which allows the magic seen in the dozen or so books read and dozens of movies seen in the fantasy genre come to life for me and, hopefully, for those I run this game for.

      As friends and acquaintances, all of us participating in the game... past (since Mid-March 2003), present, and future (with certain times of hiatus, totalling roughly four-and-a-half years)... enjoy playing in this world of High Fantasy, which also has elements of very Dark Fantasy within.
  Come inside and take a look; lurkers are welcome, and group size is based solely on how well all of us communicate, work together, and are able to subvert ourselves to the whims of our characters for the sake of the story.  Though this is a role-playing game, much like any dice and paper game you could play, story will always trump rules.

      You may find an Elvish dictionary utility at Hisweloke's Sindarin Dictionary.  Should this fantastic resource disappear from the internet, I will post the latest version of the program on this web site.

      I am Tithenon, the caretaker of this web site, and the forums full of story beyond, and I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions.

      Namarie, Mellon-ir-nin

GAME: Warhammer - Games Workshop, c. 1986
GENRE: Dark Fantasy
TAG LINE: A Grim World of Perilous Adventure
DIFFICULTY (0 - 10): high 4 to low 7 (the higher rating is for the sheer amount of information available concerning the Warhammer world)
DICE TEAM: (D10, D100); General use of Attribute-based skills - Moderate; Combat - Heavy
IN-GAME CURRENCY: Fate points - major save your Character's life, do not renew, but may be earned; Fortune points - improve dice rolls, re-rolls, reduce damage; Open-ended D10 - natural rolls on D10 are re-rolled and added to the previous roll for damage done

(From "The Ambassador" by Graham McNeill)
      This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of demons and of sorcery.  It is an age of battle and death, and of the world's ending.  Amidst all of the fire, flame and fury it is a time, too, of mighty heroes, of bold deeds and great courage.

      At the heart of the Olde World sprawls the Empire, the largest and most powerful of the human realms.  Known for its engineers, sorcerers, traders and soldiers, it is a land of great mountains, mighty rivers, dark forests and vast cities.  And from his throne in Altdorf reigns the Emperor Karl-Franz, sacred descendant of the founder of these lands, Sigmar, and wielder of his magical warhammer.

      But these are far from civilized times.  Across the length and breadth of the Old World, from the knightly palaces of Bretonnia to ice-bound Kislev in the far north, come rumblings of war.  In the towering World's Edge Mountains, the orc tribes are gathering for another assault.  Bandits and renegades harry the wild southern lands of the Border Princes.  There are rumors of rat-things, the Skaven, emerging from the sewers and swamps across the land.  And, from the northern wildernesses, there is the ever-present threat of Chaos, of demons and beastmen corrupted by the foul powers of the Dark Gods.  As the time of battle draws ever near, the Empire needs heroes like never before.

GAME IDEAL: The powers of Chaos have always existed, alongside and on opposite sides of the gods the people of this age have looked to for a long time.  The forces these powers command have been at odds, likewise, with the races -Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Humans- of the Olde World, maintaining a more or less steady stalemate for nearly 3,000 years.  The Elves and Dwarves are at odds, as races, because of the conflict of greed, known as the "War of the Beard", where bad blood reigns between most, though seemingly not as strongly among adventurers.  The Humans and the Dwarves have a long-time truce and are, generally, friendly with one-another, while under the surface the indentured servitude of many of the diminutive Dwarves chafes and makes this truce uneasy, at best.  The Human tribes war amongst themselves for land and resources, foolishly depleting what they can ill-afford to lose.  The Halflings remain aloof of much of the politics and conflict between these races, seeking their fortunes and adventure where their large hairy feet take them.  However, there is one issue on which all of the races agree, and broker their services and lives to one-another for, and this is the fact Chaos forces seek to subvert, steal, and destroy all in their path, to rule the Olde World and all within it, to turn all into ashes and fire, and Chaos must be opposed as much as possible.

      Because of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures battle game, which is tied only tentatively to the story of the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing Game's, both 1st and 2nd Edition -I know nothing of 3rd Edition as I've yet to play it (10/28/12)-, so much lore and history, as told from multiple angles by the denizens of the Olde World, exists that to know it all would be an unwieldy chore, at best.  Thus, a GM following the most basic history as presented within the books prior to 3rd Edition will do well in this fantasy universe.  1st Edition dealt with a time in history, beginning in 2503 IC (Imperial Calendar), between major Chaos incursions, with the crowning of the newest, and youngest Emperor, Karl Franz, and dealing with the whims of a boy King in a more or less generic fantasy universe.  2nd Edition, however, is far more focused on the time near the end of the latest Chaos incursion, in 2522 IC, known as the Storm of Chaos, a time in which much of the Northern-most areas of the Empire, across the entirety of the Southern shores of the Sea of Claws and up to several hundred kilometers inland, and nearly closing the Northern border shared by the Empire and Kislev, before being set back at Middenheim, in the middle North of the Empire, has taken place, and thousands have perished.

      Many of the gaming groups playing in Warhammer FRP 2nd Edition have, no doubt, played mainly during the closing days of the Storm of Chaos, primarily battling the incursion forces, or close thereon, in the aftermath of the Storm with attempting to find loved ones lost, putting down roaming beasts that may or may not have been part of Archaon's forces, or were simply stirred out of place by them.  This would be the normal time for a near post-apocalyptic game in a fantasy universe where magic is seen as a necessary evil, to fight fire with fire, and where magic colleges are now part of the main-stream, attempting to build a world where magic will no longer be needed.  Religion, worship among all of the gods, good and Chaos, and superstition rule the minds and hearts of the Olde World, and the petty bickering of the nobles, and their greed to increase that which they already have, make for a backdrop of doom and gloom in a world already teetering on the brink of destruction, from both without and within.

      This is the world in which the player character's will ply their trade, to destroy or benefit from the powers of Chaos, to use their talents to further one cause or the other, to make their names live on forever and their fortunes increase, all by their own desires and plight.

SYSTEM TYPE/UNIQUENESS: Character generation, as with all role-playing games, is where all games have their beginning.  For Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 2nd Edition, this process can be very quick, rolling dice for all aspects of a player's character, or can move by concept and specific design to make precisely the type of character they want, based on background, motivations, and basic experience.  There are four races to choose from within the game: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, and Human, and each of them has their bonuses and penalties; in 1st Edition, Elves were seen as the stronger minded and quicker race because their statistics were, in general, higher than the other races, while 2nd Edition has more or less leveled the playing field.

      There are hundreds of Basic and Advanced Careers that may either be rolled -dependent on your GMs preference- or chosen, with Basic careers being a place to start which lead inexorably toward further careers, whether back to another Basic career or into an Advanced one.  Players may also pay extra experience to move into a new Basic career that is not in their progression list for their current career, but not into an Advanced career not listed in that same progression; Advanced careers may only be taken if the progression list for a character's current career calls for it.  These careers are not your typical classes, fighters, mages, thieves, etc., but dependent on how your GM desires to run their game, you may begin the game as a Frogwife or Dilettante or, if you roll lucky enough, a Troll Slayer or Apprentice Wizard.

      The game is also all about choice, where your GM may decide to run as a more typical fantasy-style game, allowing players to choose what sort of main stream fantasy career they wish to begin in.  However, from there each career is simply a stepping stone, what in other games may be considered individual levels, and each new career grants you the ability to improve your character in ways you might never have thought of, otherwise.  If you finish a line of careers, indeed, you can always go on to a new Basic career that will allow you the ability to pick up skills and talents for your character you believe would develop them more in the direction you desire to take them.

      A player-character's Characteristics, both Primary and Secondary -aka Attributes- define, for the most part, how a PC will fare, and most skills and opposed tests are rolled exclusively through Primary Characteristics, as percentage scores.  In Warhammer, these scores typically begin low, around the 33% mark, to signify the relative novice of one newly borne to a career; creatures normally match these scores at the lower end, though the GM may always introduce more of a challenge, especially if a player group seems to be unusually lucky in their ability to deal with these lower end creatures.

      Actions are taken based off the Secondary Characteristic A, or Attack/ Action, with there being Incidental, Supplemental, Half- and Full Actions performed during combat, and a list of the Actions available that allow these Action types to be taken during the course of each round.  Character's also have the availability of boons, known as Fate and Fortune Points, which allow players who fail, or players seeking a temporary advantage, to 'spend' these points to improve their odds or even re-roll in their necessity to succeed.

      Characters have a natural armor value, known as T, or Toughness, to resist damage rolled against them, and Armor comes in small points designed to supplement Toughness to further reduce damage, but not to take it away altogether.  They also have a Strength value, S, which determines how well they will be able to hit their target and, of course, weapons may augment this value between marginally and substantially.

      Spellcasting is based on the roll of a number of d10s equal to a Character's Magic Characteristic, or M, though there are bonuses that may be applied to aid in the casting.  If a Magister rolls doubles, triples, or worse on their d10s, they have the opportunity to invoke the power of Chaos to mess them up, through backlash, slightly.  Magic users of all types are looked down upon in the Warhammer world, the Magisters coming from the Colleges of Magic only slightly less-so, and those not from the Colleges being hunted like common criminals for their use of Chaos among the denizens of the world.

      Don't be fooled by the typical littany concerning combat and spellcasting in the game, nor the relatively simple means by which the game is played, as Warhammer is a thinking person's game.  All manner of skills, from interactive social to the dark-cornered arts, exist in the game and are available for the GM and their player(s) to make use of.  The system encourages a proactive means of play by allowing for mastery of skills and the use of talents to improve those skills even further, so characters whose attributes seem typical will actually be able to have complete mastery of skills their player is keen to improve.

      Many optional and house rules exist, from various sources across the internet, which allow GMs to broaden the horizons of their game, to give a much more full experience, and these range from Character Generation to the Winds of Magic and the Weather, the Size and make-up of Towns, and the introduction of factions, religions, and new adversaries.  If possible, and necessary, any GM would be wise to take advantage of these.

      The rich and astonishing world, its history and present setting, are magnificently built around the central premise that it's Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, and Humans against the horrible onslaught of Chaos, though hundreds of other potential themes exist for role-playing enjoyment, as well.  Though the game is set on a different world, the populated lands of the Empire (Germany in particular), Kislev (Russia), Bretonnia (France), Tilea (Italy), Estalia (Spain), and The Border Princes, aka Araby (Arabia) are set specifically for familiarity of the players, and all battle against the forces of Chaos, sharing at least that one common thread.  Additionally, support material from truly professional fan-built organizations is available to continue expanding the world, and anything a GM and their players could ever seek from a fantasy role-playing world can, indeed, be found in Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 2nd Edition.

LAST UPDATED: 12 December 2012; more to come

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